Our IFA and Probate services explained

  • Independent Financial Advisers or Probate service companies looking to help their clients sell their property and move on with their life.
  • Buy Investment Properties makes a formal offer to buy the property from the vendor hassle free and at a fair cash price. If the vendor accepts, BIP moves ahead with a quick cash sale and the completion happens in the defined timescales.
  1. The new home builder or developer gets in touch with BIP for a free consultation and the details of the vendor’s property.
  2. Two independent estate agent valuations are conducted on the property
  3. BIP then makes a formal offer based on this valuation
  4. The new home builder then packages up the deal and presents the offer to vendor.
  5. A RIC’s survey is commissioned and a solicitor is instructed (these costs are covered by BIP)
  6. The sale is completed at agreed timescales with the vendor and developer.

The benefits for your business

  • Close your own services faster: BIP helps your clients move on with their property sale so they are free to engage with your services.
  • Generous commissions: We provide a commission for all completions referred to us and can create bespoke commission structures as required.
  • We handle all of the work and risk: By investing our own cash funds into any purchases and our dedicated team handles all of the work and client relations.
  • Fast completion: We can complete within 7 – 14 days allowing you to immediately position your specific service faster and of course allowing the client to get their house sold very quickly.
  • Bespoke service: Our service is flexible and can be adjusted on a case by case basis. For example adjusting completion dates and cash flow to suit your specific service and client interests.

Benefits we provide to your customer (vendor)

  • Guaranteed sale: As a genuine house buyer with our own cash funds the homeowner can rest assured that the sale is secure and will not fall through.
  • No sale chain: When we purchase direct there is no middle man involved or reliance on lending, so there is no issue of the sale chain breaking. In addition, we handle all of the work allowing you to focus on your products and services.
  • Guaranteed completion date – BIP will work along side the vendor to set the completion date, we will work towards the timescales provided..
  • Vendors can stay in the property for some time – the moving out process can sometimes be delayed and usually involves a lot of effort and stress, BIP provides two free weeks for your clients to occupy the house before moving out to their new home.
  • Dedicated customer service contact – Our service is truly hassle free for you, every vendor will be introduced to one of our experienced members of the buying team who will be available at any time to explain the process and keep them updated.
  • Additional benefits for the vendor – Vendors are given 48 hours grace to vacate the property. No fee charged and we cover all legal fees. Best possible offer provided. Weekly legal updates are given to vendor until exchange of contracts . Vendors can drop keys off with estate agent office or estate agent can collect them

Extra benefits and services for your business

  • Upfront top-ups – We can provide finance upfront ensuring a stronger proposal for the vendor.
  • Immediate decision & offer  – Our initial offer can be provided almost immediately on the same day as getting in touch with us. This will give you and the vendor a clear answer if our service would be suitable. Please note the actual formal offer can only be provided after the third party valuation has taken place.
  • Updates – Our dedicated contact will keep you updated at every step of the process, in addition the same manager will keep the vendor informed, ensuring all parties are aware of progress and completion deadlines are met.

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