Which companies do you partner with?

Any established company that has clients who may require a quick, guaranteed or cash sale of their property.

How can you guarantee the sale completion?

As one of the handful of genuine cash buyers we purchase with our own cash funds with no middlemen or investors involved. Thus once an agreement is made we can complete as planned with no issues related to mortgages or sales chain processes.

What types of property are suitable for part exchange?

Flats, bungalows, terraced, semi-detached and detached properties. Long leasehold and ex-local authority housing. High or low value residences.

What is the typical offer value?

We treat each property on an individual basis and always make the highest possible offer.

How quickly do we get the offer?

We move very quickly and can provide an initial offer immediately with the formal offer offer after the surveys have been completed.

What is the formal offer?

A formal offer is presented to you in writing, including comparables and rationale.

What if the customer is not ready to move out at completion?

We know how stressful moving can be so we give all your customers up to two weeks free license to occupy after completion if required.

How quickly do BIP purchase a property?

We can usually buy within 7 – 14 days or delay the purchase by up to ten weeks until the vendor’s home is ready. However, we can increase this period as required by the vendor.

Is an EPC needed?

No, if the property is not on the market, we do not require an EPC in order to purchase.

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